Monday, August 11, 2014

French Quarter Festival, Oh My!

Having had an easy three hour cruise into New Orleans, I settled into my home for the next month, Jude Travel Park. I’m delighted with the location and my site here, tucked away immediately behind the shower house, which hardly anyone uses besides me. The building shields me nicely from the road noise, and I am far enough away from the railroad siding at the far back of the property. No view, but I get my views elsewhere in New Orleans.
My Ladeze friend Calicia met the next day to discuss the French Quarter Festival schedule and who's shows we wanted to catch. We went out to lunch for my first po’ boy (sandwich, like a sub.)
Just an “ordinary” gate near the café.
I wanted to come to New Orleans for the Jazz and Heritage Festival. The French Quarter Festival, April 10  - 13, wasn’t really on my radar. Once I got here, however, oh, boy, what a treat. It is a free festival that takes place in the French Quarter, which provides an unimaginably peerless backdrop.
Thursday I took the bus from the RV park to the Quarter, piece of cake. Met up with Calicia and had a fine, fine lunch, best po’ boy I’ve had so far, the fried shrimp BLT from Galatoire’s food booth. Probably the only time I’ll afford to eat at Galatoire’s!
For good reason they pride themselves on their local seafood around here. These shrimp were sweet and tender, and the cooking oil was really fresh. They had their festival food production system down to a science.
The Pfister Sisters were pfabulous.
I have too many photos to insert into this post. Here’s a photo album, you can view the slide show.